Revolve 24, 6-hour challenge: A brutal 1st place

1st place, 96.37 miles, 8714 feet climbed, 5:59:05

revolve winner

As I rocked up to Brands Hatch at 7.30am this morning I was immediately hit by the special ethos of the Revolve 24 event. I know the organizing team and it was good to see them. I came 3rd in the 24-hour ride last year but couldn’t do that long this year due to racing the European Championships Long Distance on the 23rd. I probably shouldn’t be racing this weekend but settled on the 6-hour challenge to try and find some confidence in my feet for Madrid. I also wanted to remind myself that Madrid isn’t about the result, it’s the journey that got me there in quite difficult circumstances that’s important. In the final week of a 38-week training block I know I should be remembering that even if I can’t always do that.

So, as I went to try and confidence build, I had hoped for a podium but not necessarily a win. I also didn’t really expect to do that many miles to get myself the win once it happened. I started well as I meant to go on, holding circa 9-minute laps. For someone who doesn’t climb, it’s quite a brutal 2.67 miles each lap with short sharp hills. It’s also very windy and open.

By 50 miles in, I was really hurting. I didn’t want to stop at all until 75 miles as I knew that’s around where one gets a podium. I pushed onto 4 hours and circa 60 something miles but knew I had to break the monotony for just two minutes to replace water bottles and grab some sugar to get me to the end. It wasn’t a surprise I needed these things when I looked at the calories burned which was very high compared to normal (6712 in total). I’ll be honest, I was broken but I saw a text from my Mum saying I was right up there and to push on. I knew I was doing quite well as I could see I had lapped a few.

Lots of positives to take home. I don’t like holding the lead, I am much better chasing and so to hold on in the end was good. I did some pretty big digging. I hadn’t connected my Garmin to receive texts but looking at them post-race they confirm the grinding. “30 laps done, 2nd place a lap behind”. “1 hour to go, 2nd place now two laps behind”. “45 mins to go, 2nd place still two laps behind”. Another positive was that it’s a good result at one of my most trained distances in my best and most treasured discipline. I ride 100 miles on a Sunday countless times in the year and generally do quite well but rarely race them. It’s nice to add something shiny to all of that grafting. And lastly, I did all this without my racing bike which is currently in flight heading to Spain. Bizzare eh.

For winning, my prize (apart from Prosecco) I will be given a personalized jersey. You bet I will be wearing that and returning to Brands Hatch next year to defend my title. Thank you as always for all of the support and well wishes. It was a bit lonely at times without my headies and when it was hard work just knowing you guys are out got me through. Now maxing out the recovery and tapering for a week.

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